Pills vs. Creams: Which Is Best For Best Results?

Even in our technically advanced society, the best way to increase the size of your breasts without surgery is through herbal breast enhancement. But which herbal enhancement method works best?

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Surgery for Breast Enhancement

Editor's Choice Breast Enhancement ProductBreast enhancement surgery has been researched, revered, lambasted, and even lampooned since modern surgery methods were introduced to the general public. Many women see breast implants as a cure-all, while the vast majority of women who actually have implants have them removed within a decade of receiving them. For other women, implants are the key to recovering a positive self-image after a mastectomy or other major operation. So what’s the truth about breast implants? Are they safe? Are they really worth it? Educate yourself here, especially if you’re considering undergoing a breast augmentation operation.


3 Surprising Implant Facts

What were the first breast implants like? Where are breast implants more popular than they are in the United States? The answers may surprise you.
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Breast Augmentation Vacations

Medical tourism has become a worldwide phenomenon, and it’s become increasingly common to travel abroad for inexpensive plastic surgery. “Plastic surgery vacation” has become frequently used word in the American lexicon. But are the savings really worth the trip?
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Gummy Bear Implants

Cohesive silicone gel- also known as “Gummy Bear”- implants have garnered their fair share of attention since being approved by the FDA in 2012. But what exactly are they, and how are they better (or worse) than “regular” implants?
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Choosing The Right Plastic Surgeon

It’s important to do your homework before you decide on a plastic surgeon, regardless of whether you’re interested in breast augmentation, a breast lift, a breast reduction, or any other breast enhancement surgery.
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Macrolane Injections

In the near future, macrolane Injections may replace breast implants once and for all. But is the current technology a viable alternative to other forms of breast enhancement?
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Risks of Breast Implants

Breast implant risks aren’t just limited to the infamous silicone leaks which plagued early silicone implants. There are many other complications that can arise from getting breast implants, and it’s important to consider them all before undergoing surgery.
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Silicone vs Saline

When considering breast implants, often the biggest question is “silicone or saline”? While this selection should ultimately be left up to your plastic surgeon, it’s important to know the merits of each prior to undergoing implant surgery.
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True or False: Breast Implant Edition

There are plenty of myths and urban legends that have been circulating about breast implants. We bust some of those myths and confirm others inside.
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The True Costs of Breast Implants

My father used to say “costs should never be counted in dollars alone”. Likewise, the costs of breast implants should not only be measured in the amount of money that you pay the surgeon. Instead, the long-term monetary, health, and time costs should be measured.
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Types of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Implants aren’t the only kind of breast enhancement surgery. In fact, there are several kinds of surgery available to enhance every aspect of the breasts. Learn about the variety of enhancement options here.
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Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

There’s a new breast enhancement surgery on the rise; it’s called “Stem Cell Breast Augmentation”, and it’s gaining popularity both in the US and abroad.
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Polypropylene Breast Implants

Some women will go to extreme lengths to adopt the body image that they want, but there are only a handful of women who have undergone surgery for polypropylene breast implants. These “string” breast implants never stop growing!
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