Pills vs. Creams: Which Is Best For Best Results?

Even in our technically advanced society, the best way to increase the size of your breasts without surgery is through herbal breast enhancement. But which herbal enhancement method works best?

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Product Review for Triactol Bust Serum

Triactol Bust Serum is a topical breast enhancement cream, which contains the proprietary ingredient Mirofirm to help make breasts appear larger, perkier and more youthful. Triactol can increase your bust by up to one cup size.

Triactol Serum

Triactol Benefits

Triactol Ingredients

Mirofirm (Pueraria Mirifica Extract)

Mirofirm is a proprietary Pueraria Mirifica extract trademarked by Smith Meyers Laboratories, the manufacturer of Triactol. Pueraria Mirifica contains numerous phytoestrogens. These plant hormones mimic estrogen within the human body, stimulating the production of additional breast tissue. Pueraria Mirifica extract also helps to lift and firm the breasts, enhancing their overall appearance.

A full ingredient list is not available at this time.

How To Use Triactol

Although Triactol is made from natural extracts, some people may experience an allergic reaction after applying the serum. It is highly recommended that you conduct a patch test prior to use. To conduct a patch test, apply a small amount of  product to the breast area. Over a few days, observe the area. If any kind of reaction occurs, discontinue use. Triactol Bust Serum should be used twice a day. For optimal effect, use Triactol after bathing or showering.  Just apply a pea-sized amount of serum and spread it over your palm, then gently massage it onto your breast area in circular motion. Do this until the area has completely absorbed the solution.

In Depth Review

With so many women dissatisfied with their breast size, it is no wonder that the market is saturated with breast enhancement products. One of these breast enhancing products is Triactol. A new product, Triactol Bust Serum showcases results that raise the bar of effectiveness. It promises to improve breast appearance and stimulate tissue growth to produce larger, firmer and fuller breasts.

Triactol is a natural breast enhancement serum. It delivers powerful results without any of the risks associated with surgical breast enhancement. Its main ingredient, Pueraria Mirifica Extract, has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Although there are minimal studies on Pueraria Mirifica Extract’s role in breast enhancement, it is nonetheless a common ingredient in breast enhancement products.

Triactol claims noticeable lifting and firming within seven days, and consistent use can give your desired increase in cup size. Clinical trials have shown that women can experience firmer breasts in as few as 21 days, with increases in bust size apparent after 42 days.  However, it is important to note that these trials had small sample sizes and did not include a control group for comparison.

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