Pills vs. Creams: Which Is Best For Best Results?

Even in our technically advanced society, the best way to increase the size of your breasts without surgery is through herbal breast enhancement. But which herbal enhancement method works best?

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Natural Breast Enhancement Options

Editor's Choice Breast Enhancement ProductFor a long time, women have sought natural methods of breast enhancement, since using natural breast enhancement methods ensures that your bust will grow proportionate to your body, creating a more form-fitting and desirable appearance. In addition, natural breast enhancement will save you money in the long run and you won’t have to put up with any nosy or invasive questions from people wondering if your breasts are “real”. You’ll know that your spectacular figure is all-natural.

Breast Pumps and Natural Breast Enhancement

You may have heard of some women using breast pumps to increase their cup size. Most pumps work by applying suction or pressure to the soft tissue, causing it to expand. Depending on the pump you buy, these gains are most likely temporary, but some pumps can give you permanent increases.

These pumps are not without their drawbacks, however. The machines that will most likely to give you permanent gains, like the FDA-approved Brava system, can run as high as $2,500. Furthermore, the manufacturer recommends you wear it for 12 hours per day for several months, and even with faithful use, your permanent gains may only be a quarter to a half a cup increase in size. Cheaper pumps are available but their gains will only be temporary and none of them have FDA approval.

Breast Enhancement with the Wonderbra

The Wonderbra was first sold during the early 1990’s and is definitely one of the most famous undergarments ever created. Odds are that you may even have one (or more) in your dresser right this very moment. It was one of the first times a clothing manufacturer produced a bra with the express purpose of breast enhancement, rather than focusing on supporting or minimizing the appearance of the female bosom.

Depending on what sort of push-up bra you get, using an article of clothing to enhance your chest is a minor expense. The Wonderbra works by incorporating padding into the cup, which makes your breasts appear larger, rounder and perkier. This padding is usually made of foam, water, gel, or air.  Additionally, many of these bras are designed to push your breasts together, increasing the dramatic appeal of your cleavage.

Unfortunately, the Wonderbra does not offer permanent breast enhancement. Sure, it will make your bust look amazing while you are wearing it, but once you remove it your breasts will return to their natural state. Although some manufacturers may claim otherwise, there is no model of push-up bra that can permanently  enhance in your cup size just by wearing it.
Natural breast enhancement pills

Breast Enhancement Pills and Creams

One of the best methods for natural breast enhancement is the combined use of pills and topical creams. Believe it or not, your breasts are never the same size all the time – your overall cup size fluctuates slightly depending on your monthly cycle. This is because female hormone levels fluctuate depending on  the time of the month. Pills and creams use plant-based hormones, similar to the ones you produce naturally, to mimic the point in your cycle when your breasts grow the most. After a few weeks of regular use, you can produce permanent gains!

The trick is to find the right combination of creams and pills. Some companies focus on just creams or just pills, while others offer ”systems”; creams or pills that complement each other.

If you take a look at our Product Comparison Chart, you can learn about some of the best products on the market today for breast enhancement and make a well-informed decision.