Pills vs. Creams: Which Is Best For Best Results?

Even in our technically advanced society, the best way to increase the size of your breasts without surgery is through herbal breast enhancement. But which herbal enhancement method works best?

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Plastic Surgery Abroad: Are We Going Too Far?

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The quest to obtain the perfect silhouette has now crossed cultural and territorial borders. One of the fastest-growing trends in medicine is medical tourism and a huge factor behind that growth is the popularity of cosmetic surgery vacations. That’s right: people are traversing oceans and overcoming language barriers to get the best deal on facelifts, breast augmentation and other popular cosmetic surgeries. For some, this may seem like the best of both worlds; a new and improved body through inexpensive plastic surgery and recuperation in an exotic locale. For  others, this can be the beginning of a nightmare, as evidenced by several horror stories surfacing due to terrible experiences abroad.
Plastic surgery is available in most countries worldwide. However, to expand their market and attract outsiders, some cosmetic surgeons partner with specialized travel agencies to package cosmetic procedures with added attractions such as tours, resort accommodation, and high-quality spa pampering during recovery. Countries that are well-known for this include Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Thailand, and India. An interesting common denominator is that all of these destinations are marketed to highlight the tourism appeal of a destination, instead of the safety, reputation, or qualifications behind the medical procedures themselves. In other words, many medical tourism agencies market the beaches and resorts behind the vacations, as if the surgery itself is a side attraction of the vacation. The truth is much different.Although you may be able to do “tourist things” before you have your surgery, any cosmetic surgery requires a painful and extensive recovery period- one in which you won’t be able to enjoy any physical activity. For example, with breast augmentation surgery, you can’t engage in any physical activity for several weeks after the surgery.

How Exotic Should You Get?

Breast Augmentation Vacations AbroadAlthough there are many countries whose overall attention to plastic surgery are quite known and revered the world over – such as Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela –  some countries specialize in certain areas of cosmetic surgery. One example is the Dominican Republic, where  quality dental procedures usually are 2/3 cheaper than the same procedures in the United States. Thailand is known for the bargain-basement pricing on all cosmetic procedures; many procedures cost 75% less than the procedures in the U.S. When it comes to inexpensive breast augmentation, Argentina and the Philippines are the most popular tourist destinations. While the cost of the implants is fixed between countries, the cost for the surgeon and anesthesiologist will differ between countries.

Even if a cosmetic surgery vacation sounds like a promising venture, shopping around for the best deal or most luxurious or exotic destination isn’t the proper way to choose a surgeon. The ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) certified roughly 1,500 surgeons in 73 countries that meet U.S. Standards. John Canady, the incoming president of ASPS (the American Society of Plastic Surgeons), says that although surgeons on this list may be good, their credentials, training and disciplinary record may be hard to track or verify. Some surgeons could be con artists  looking for money. Others, especially those that work in the sphere of breast augmentation, may use low-grade implants. Not to mention, in most countries, if malpractice occurs with a non-certified surgeon, you only have yourself to blame.

Do Your Research First

So if you’re considering going abroad for breast augmentation surgery, it’s imperative that you do your research. Look for a skilled surgeon that you’re comfortable with; someone who will work within your budget without risking your safety. Make sure your surgeon has a good track record and is certified by the ISAPS and, most importantly, someone that you feel you can trust. Make sure they use the latest in implant and surgical technologies, not outdated implant technologies that may rupture or cause infection or bleeding. Surgery is surgery, not a vacation.

Prefer to Enjoy Your Trip?

Why spend your money on a breast augmentation vacation if you haven’t tried natural breast enhancement first? There are several natural breast enhancement creams and pills that are completely non-invasive, safe, natural, and most of all, effective. These pills and creams use your body’s own mechanisms to create natural breast growth that doesn’t require painful recuperation or anxiety about implant failure. Best of all, you can use the money you save to take a real vacation that you can actually enjoy. For your convenience, we’ve reviewed and ranked the top natural breast enhancement pills and creams here.