One way to get large breasts naturally is to increase the amount of estrogen produced in the body. This is a safer and more natural way to larger breasts than having breast augmentation surgery. There are pills, serums, gels and creams that work effectively and safely along with your body’s own hormones to cause your body to produce more breast tissue naturally. These natural, therapeutic products contain extracts from herbs that help to stimulate the body to increase estrogen production.

How Big Do Breasts Get?

For most women, the results seen by using breast enhancing creams, gels or pills usually increase breast size by about one to two cup sizes in a matter of weeks or months. These results are normally seen if both creams and pills are used together. Results will most likely be less if just one or the other method is chosen.

Using pills and creams together ensures the best growth of the breasts. This is growth that will normally be proportionate to the size of your body. Natural breast enhancement is the best choice for those who want to save money over other more expensive options like surgery. When you know that you have enlarged the size of your breasts in a natural way, you also know that your fantastically beautiful figure is completely natural.

The Largest Recorded Breasts

There are plenty of reports of women with huge, unnaturally sized breasts. Some are so large that they are out of proportion to the woman’s figure. In most of these cases, the breasts were artificially enhanced through surgery and by using silicone or other types of implants.

There is one woman from Georgia, however, who has the largest recorded natural breast size. Her breasts were measured for the Guinness Book Of World Records and found to be the largest natural breasts on record. She wears a bra size of 102 ZZZ.

Breast Enhancement Options

There are some things that women have tried for years to get larger breasts. One of these is specific exercises combined with massage. Most women have found that this method produces slight or no results. Another thing that has been tried with little or no results is using breast pumps. Since breast pumps need to be worn for up to twelve hours a day, they are cumbersome and not a very good solution for breast enhancement.

One natural way to see an increase in breast size is by using an effective combination of herbal pills and creams together. By stimulating the body to produce more estrogen, the result is fuller and firmer breasts. Breast sizes in women fluctuate throughout each month. It may not be noticeable, but it does happen due to the natural monthly changes in a woman’s hormone levels. Using pills and creams together, in the right combination that will be the most effective, is the one natural way to real breast enlargement.

An Informed Decision Is Always The Best Decision

By looking through our product review chart, you will be able to find information on pills and creams that have been tested and proven to be effective for naturally increasing breast size. Simply visit our product reviews for all the latest up-to-date information on all the newest breast enhancement methods. This will help you to make informed decisions to tailor a plan uniquely for you that will give you the best results in natural breast enlargement.