The correlation between breasts and body image has been researched and studied numerous times over the years.  Breasts have been regarded as one of the founding symbols of sexuality and femininity since the rise of human civilization. This obsession has become an inescapable part of society, especially with the modern boom in visual media. Every time you open a magazine, turn on the television or surf the web, there’s an image of a woman with voluptuous breasts.

Breasts come in many shapes and sizes, but the most desirable type of breast is usually determined by what is trending at the moment. Since a woman’s breasts are one of the most prominent traits linked to sexual appeal, many women feel driven to enhance the size and shape of their breasts.

Body Perception of Teenage and Young Adult Girls

Fundamentally, youth is a great time to be alive although it is not without its difficulties. Most teenage girls and young women are still undergoing both physical and emotional changes that can make it hard for them to have a healthy body image. Being surrounded by images of large-breasted women – especially if you have small breasts or are still developing – can completely shatter a person’s self-esteem.

In these cases, the best thing to do is to help these young women realize that they are still growing and developing into mature women, and many other girls their age feel the same way. Most adult women have felt the same way at one time or another, and it’s important to learn to be happy with your body as you develop.

Accepting Body Image After Cancer

Struggling with Body Image After CancerIt is common for many breast cancer survivors to feel that they have lost a part of themselves following a mastectomy. Aside from the physical scars from the procedure, it is also inevitable that they will suffer emotional distress, since breasts are an integral part of a woman’s identity.

Unusual behaviors, like avoiding others or dressing unattractively, are just some of the ways that patients may react to this kind of physical loss. The best way to handle this is to seek positive emotional support from friends and family or a professional (such as a therapist or psychologist).0

Breasts and Self-Confidence

Breasts and self-confidence have always been intertwined in one way or another.  Many women find that their own breasts do not measure up to the ideal breasts they see splashed everywhere. Comparing what one has to what others have is an intrinsic part of human nature; it is understandable that many women want to enhance themselves to have the best possible appearance.

To get rid of the underlying issues in your self-confidence, you should find a way to improve your self-image. However, you should not do this because of pressure from society or the media. The best way for you to boost your self-confidence is to do it because you want to feel happier within your own skin.

Putting an End to The Struggle

None of these emotional struggles should be a source of daily stress for you. The best way to  increase your breast size and improve your self-confidence is to explore your options. One of the best options available is natural breast enhancement, because it is noninvasive, safe, and affordable and can help you enhance your own body image. We’ve reviewed the top natural breast enhancement products on today’s market and have ranked them by effectiveness. Check out our product reviews to find the product that may help change your life for the better.