Most people think that breast enhancement surgery only comes in one flavor: augmentation. And indeed, this is by far one of the most common procedures which women undergo in order to improve the look, shape, and size of their busts. But did you know that there are other forms of breast enhancement surgery besides breast implants? And did you know that even when it comes to implants, there are many factors to consider before deciding which type of implantation surgery is best?

Implant Surgery – More Than What Meets the Eye

One of the first and most important decisions you might have to make with breast augmentation surgery is the incision. There are four different ways the doctor can cut into your breast in order to install the implant. Some of incisions are better for certain types of implants; others cannot be used depending on the type of implant you or your doctor chooses.

  • Periareolar Incision – these tend to be the most popular types of incisions. The doctor cuts around the outer edge of your nipple. Because of the uneven color and texture of the nipple, the scar tissue from these incisions is the most difficult for people to detect. Whether or not a surgeon is installing the implant directly into the breast or under the pectoral muscle, this incision can still be used. Also, if there are any post-surgical complications, fixing them through the periareolar incision is the easiest method for most doctors.
  • Inframammary Incision – this is the second most popular option after the periareolar incision. The two have several characteristics in common. For one, they can be used with either placement of the implant (whether it goes under the chest muscle or directly into the breast). It is also easy to re-use this incision to fix post-surgery complications. However, the scars from inframammary incisions are usually more visible. Their benefit, though, is that if you plan on having children in the future, it will not inhibit your ability to breastfeed.
  • Transaxillary Incision – for those who are extremely concerned about scarring, this is the next best option when compared to the previous two. A small incision is made under the arm which is difficult to see unless you have your arms raised and uncovered. However, complications are more likely because this approach makes it harder for the surgeon to correctly place the implants. There is also a higher likelihood that you may permanently loose feeling in your nipples.
  • Trans-umbilical Incision – this incision is similar to the Transaxillary incision, except the surgeon goes in through the belly button instead of the armpit. This is the best option for women who are truly self-conscious about hiding their surgical scar; however, post-surgical complications and crooked implants are the most likely with this approach.

In addition to traditional surgical implants, there is now an injectable breast augmentation option. Unfortunately, these injections can’t provide changes that are as drastic as those provided by implants, and only last for a few years.

Breast Lift Surgery

For some women, their breasts look large and voluptuous in the right bra…but when they get naked and gravity takes over, things aren’t so great. They don’t need to surgically enhance a small bust, they just need to rearrange what they already have into the youthful-looking, perky chest they once had.

This is where breast lift surgery comes in. It doesn’t actually involve installing implants or any other plastics into your chest area. In reality, most breast lift surgeries involve removing saggy, excess skin and drawing it more firmly around the breast tissue.

Nipple Enhancement Surgery

Nipple enhancement surgery is a little-known type of surgery that applies to the areola (nipple) area only. It can be used to correct a number of nipple imperfections, such as excessively large nipples, uneven nipples, inverted nipples, and many other flaws that most women are insecure over. It is not uncommon for nipple surgery to be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation or breast lifts.

Breast Surgery Alternatives

The biggest disadvantages to all of these surgeries are the high costs and pain associated with each surgery, as well as the additional inconvenience of recovery time. Before undergoing one of these procedures, it is probably best to consider natural breast enhancement. There are exercise routines you can perform to make your chest appear more perky and youthful. There are also plenty of pills and creams that work to enlarge and firm breasts, and they only take a few seconds a day to enable you to see results.

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