This is a very interesting question. So interesting, in fact, that it isn’t only asked by bewildered women; researchers in several fields of science have tried to answer this question as well. Depending on whether you ask an anthropologist, a psychologist, a sex therapist, or another expert in the field, you’ll get a different answer.  These are some of the most popular explanations.

Theory #1: Men Like Big Breasts Because They Look Like Your Butt

One of the most popular theories has to do with human evolution. Thousands of years ago, humans mated just like every other animal: from behind (often referred to as “doggie style”). Females needed an easy and convenient way to display that they were ready to mate and many of these visual cues revolved around showing off a large and colorful posterior. This can still be seen today in certain species of primates.

However, this changed at some point in the past when humans began to mate face-to-face. These new mating practices led to some interesting changes in the way humans choose mates and rear their young. The breasts reminded males of the buttocks and therefore encouraged mates to look each other in the eye while having sex; while mating in a missionary position, partners would form deeper emotional bonds. When couples created deeper bonds with each other, the males were more likely to stick around and help raise offspring. Setting aside the stereotype of the breast-obsessed man as a “pig,” the size of a woman’s breasts may earn them better and more attentive partners.

Theory #2: Men Like Big Breasts Because They Make You Look Healthier

Men and breastsDid you know that large breasts can be seen as a sign of good female health? The healthier you are, the more likely you are to conceive a child. The more likely you are to get pregnant from a sexual encounter, the more physically attractive men will find you. Scientists have analyzed which specific physical traits signal good health and high fertility rates, with breast size playing a key role in this process.

For starters, having big breasts (along with a well-developed posterior) is a sign that you have enough body fat. Adequate body fat reserves play an important role in having a full, uncomplicated pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby. Additionally, a small waist-to-hip ratio is something that men subconsciously look for in a potential mate; however, when you incorporate large breasts into the mix, women with the small ratio and a generous bust line were found to be the most attractive in psychological surveys.

Some Men Don’t Like Big Breasts

Many men have a deep obsession with the size of their penises; some women have a similar preoccupation with the size of their breasts. But, in the same way that most women don’t necessarily want a partner who resembles adult actor below the waist, not all men want to find a woman with a chest like Dolly Parton.

A lot of it has to do with culture. Big breasts haven’t been universally worshiped throughout time. In ancient Rome, for example, goddesses usually were not depicted with anything larger than a modern B Cup; that was their idea of female beauty. Even as recently as the 1600’s, large breasts were typically associated with women of the lower social classes, mainly wet nurses who were hired by the aristocracy to breastfeed their infants. Today in certain cultures (such as Brazil) a woman with an impressive posterior is considered very attractive, and breasts aren’t considered the focal point of sexual attraction.

Whatever the reason, it’s perfectly natural for women to desire larger breasts. Looking into a natural breast enhancement pill or cream may give you what you need to reach that goal. to find the right product for your needs, check out our reviews.