Red raspberry leaf has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. As far back as 1597 it has been found in the first herbal publications. The leaf is still used today in modern medicine. It can help with many ailments and is also added to popular body cleansing products. There are many health benefits to adding herbal ingredients, like red raspberry leaf, to your diet.

Some women have reported that using red raspberry eases menstrual cramps, lighten periods, ease morning sickness, and prevent miscarriage. It can be applied topical to ease sore throat and some skin rashes. The leaf can also be used as a flavoring for cooking or brewed into a tea.

Benefits and Side Effects of Red Raspberry Leaf

It is reported by users to ease diarrhea and respiratory problems associated with flu, heart problems, reduces fever, and aids in managing diabetes. Red raspberry is also included in some body detoxification supplements to aid in cleansing the body of toxins.

Benefits of Red Raspberry

Though more research is needed, it is clear that red raspberry leafs have a health benefit when used as a dietary supplement. As with any supplement, check with a medical professional if considering adding it to your supplements.

Red raspberry leaf when added to breast enhancement products it helps to balance the uterus and decrease monthly cramping. It is also known to firm and tone muscles and skin. When using with other breast enhancement products, makes the breasts firmer and the skin tighter. As the breasts enlarge with these supplements, it helps keep them looking good and feeling great.

The natural chemicals in red raspberry may have antioxidant effects that help relax blood vessels and cause muscles to relax and contract. It is also known to reduce fever, joint pain and muscle cramps.

Side Effects of Red Raspberry

Although there are no known adverse side effects, red raspberry fruit is likely safe in normal dietary servings. Larger amounts taken as a supplement are possibly safe. There are a few things to consider before introducing red raspberry leaf.

Red raspberry may act like estrogen, people with health issues that are made worse by estrogen should not use. Pregnant and lactating women should use with extreme caution.

If you are pregnant there are some guidelines for using red raspberry. In normal dietary portions, it is likely safe to eat red raspberries. It is recommended that it is not used in the first three trimesters. It is possibly safe, but only when recommended by a midwife, doctor or other health professional. It may act as estrogen and harm early pregnancies.

There is not yet enough data to show it is safe for nursing mothers. If you are breast feeding, it is best to remain on the safe side of life and do not use red raspberry leaf as a dietary supplement. But by all means, do not remove it from your regular fruit serving diet. The antioxidant effects are healthy for any persons diet.

This is not a recommended supplement if you are sensitive to estrogen. Red raspberry leaf is thought to create estrogen. If you any sensitivity at all to estrogen, adding this as a supplement is not recommended.

Breast Enhancement Supplements with Red Raspberry Leaf

People who have used red raspberry as supplements report in some cases that it works well to firm and tone. They have said that it is an aid in reducing inches and firming skin and muscles. When adding to breast enhancement supplement products or dietary products. This results in skin being tighter and breasts looking firmer.

As there are no known interactions, it is safe to try adding as a dietary supplement if you are a healthy individual. Although not everyone will benefit from adding this to their diet, many will experience pleasant skin firming and muscle tightening results.

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