Breast augmentation continues to be one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery around the world. An ideal body image has been featured in the media, giving women a perception of what is most sublime for their figures. The reality is that not all women were created the same way, and that the ideal “hour glass” shape isn’t always possible. All body types are beautiful, and women should learn to accept their natural physiques. However, we also only live once, and everyone should be able to aspire to the look they want – as long as it’s not based on what someone else tells you is “beautiful.” In some cases, women choose polypropylene breast implants, also known as string implants, to adopt their ideal body shape.

The most common form of breast implants are silicone-based. They consist of a silicone gel that’s encased in a shell that is non-porous. String breast implants differ in that they are made of polypropylene, which comes in the consistency of yarn-like strings. Unlike other implants, string implants are also not encased in a bag.

The Implants That Keep On Growing

What makes polypropylene implants so unique is that they actually increase in size over time. The material causes mild irritation to surrounding tissues, causing an influx of fluid to secrete. This fluid is absorbed by the implants at a very slow rate, thereby increasing the size of the breasts. To prevent complications from the breasts getting too large, they must be regularly drained to maintain their size and shape. These implants may appeal to someone as a novelty, and those looking for less conventional means of breast enlargement may be interested in the journey. String implants offer an exceptionally large breast size for those who want a look that makes a statement.

One of the most famous examples of string implants belongs to Chelsea Charms, who’s breasts clock in at a massive 30 lbs each, boasting a 164XXX bra size.

The Downside to Polypropylene Breast Implants

There are a lot of disadvantages to string implants, which is why they’re actually banned in many countries. Currently, one can most easily attain string implants in South America. Since the implants facilitate the absorption of fluid, they require constant maintenance. Women who’ve gotten string implants have been disappointed to find that they’ve grown in size irregularly, with one breast becoming larger than the other. It’s also common for them to appear misshapen over time, and they tend to look quite artificial in comparison to other implants.

String implants will never stop growing, so it’s truly a lifelong commitment to keep them. If you allow them to grow larger you’ll also need to invest in special bras to give you the support you require. The culmination of money spent on medical bills and garments alone will create a very steep dent in your checking account.

Infections are also prevalent due to the fluid retention, and as with other forms of surgery, there’s always the potential for ill effects. Miracles aren’t possible, and nothing can ever be guaranteed with cosmetic surgery. Before undergoing any procedure, it’s important to weigh all the pros and cons. You also want to make sure you’re choosing a very reputable physician.

Better Options for Breast Enhancement

The comical appearance of jumbo-sized breasts isn’t ideal for most women. In fact, most clients of polypropylene augmentation are porn stars who aspire to a particularly outrageous look. Instead of opting for invasive surgery, there are other more holistic methods of breast enhancement you can try that are not only cheaper, but safer as well.

There are many tested and approved topical creams and breast enhancement pills on the market that will yield positive results for a fraction of the commitment required for cosmetic surgery. We’ve tested dozens of products and ranked the best ones. Click here to see our Top 10 breast enhancement products.