Thanks to modern technology, soon breast implants may be gone forever, and a visit to the breast augmentation specialist may only mean getting an injection. There is already an injectable breast augmentation solution available from cosmetic specialists in some countries that doesn’t require surgery or a long period of recovery.

Perhaps you’re familiar with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are gels that are easily injectable into the body- and can even be used within delicate and visible areas such as the face. They are designed to be harmless once injected and add volume to the places where they’re injected, which is why dermal fillers are most commonly used to fill in deep wrinkles. The most popular brands of dermal fillers are Restylane, Hylaform, and Macrolane.

What is Macrolane?

Macrolane is a gel-like dermal filler that was created especially for breast augmentation. Its original purpose was to help correct breast implants that were misshapen or incorrectly placed. Macrolane could also be used to add volume to breasts after implantation. As with every other dermal filler, this is not a permanent solution- dermal fillers are designed to eventually be absorbed safely into body. A single macrolane injection should last for about 1-2 years.

What Are the Advantages to Macrolane?

Macrolane has several advantages over traditional breast implants. First of all, Macrolane is an injection, and doesn’t require going under anesthesia, it won’t leave a permanent scar, and there is no extended recovery time involved.  As a matter of fact, the entire injection process itself takes about 2 hours. Also, if you aren’t happy with the results, the Macrolane injection will be absorbed by the body within 1 or 2 years.

What Are The Drawbacks To Using Macrolane?

While Macrolane has only been approved for use in Europe, it has not yet been approved for use in the United States. As with breast implants, the costs for Macrolane injections run in the several thousands of dollars, but unlike breast implants, the injections only last 1 to 2 years until they are completely absorbed by the body, which is actually a much longer period than most dermal fillers. Also, if you’re looking for a significant increase in breast size, then Macrolane is not the way to go- only breast implants can give that kind of significant increase in breast size.

Macrolane is currently discontinued for use as abreast enhancement solution in Europe. This is not because it is unsafe, but because it can cause problems with mammograms, which can cause issues with diagnosis of breast cancer. Macrolane can no longer be used as a breast enhancement solution until scientists figure out a way to circumvent this issue.

Our Take on Macrolane

Macrolane is an extremely promising technology, but its greatest fault is that its price is incredibly prohibitive; especially when you consider the short lifespan of the product. Our opinion is that until there is some kind of inexpensive instant breast augmentation technology, it would be best to pay thousands less and invest in an herbal breast enhancement solution.

Herbal breast enhancement offers similar results to injections at a fraction of the price. Unlike injections, herbal breast enhancement offers lasting results, and is completely natural and safe. We’ve reviewed and ranked the top breast enhancement products and have found that one product has outperformed all the others- see the results here.