Music has a long tradition of health-related use. Ancient shamans and village doctors would use music to cure ailments, drive away malicious spirits, and provide supernatural blessings to their patients. Modern research also attests to music’s efficacy. Music is used for everything from rehabilitation following psychological trauma to increasing a baby’s brain activity before they are born. Music even helps with studying and memorization.  The newest foray into music-based science is a breast enlargement ringtone that can supposedly increase a woman’s breast size.

Only In Japan…

Does this sound too good to be true? Not in Japan, a country infamous for its technological know-how and quirky interests. Dr. Hideto Tomabechi, a professor of cognitive science, invented a breast enlarging cell phone ringtone he calls “Rock Melon.” This ringtone uses sound to subconsciously affect the mind and body, similar to how listening to classical music during pregnancy is believed to create more complex neural networks for babies or how it assists students in studying by increasing neural activity. The theory behind the ringtone is that women’s breasts enlarge subconsciously in response to repeated sound of a crying baby.

Although many people are skeptical about how a ringtone can increase the size of their breasts, there are just as many women eager to try it for themselves. In the first week alone, “Rock Melon” was downloaded over 10,000 times. Many women left comments on the websites where they found the ringtone, boasting about the increase in bust size they experienced and thanking Dr. Tomabechi. The breast enhancement ringtone was even featured on the Discovery Channel, which lent an air of credibility to the entire endeavor.

What the Experts Say

Can sound enlarge breasts?However, it is difficult to find actual evidence that “Rock Melon” increases breast size. The woman profiled on the Discovery Channel measured her own chest and there is no way to prove that her measurements were accurate. The same goes for all the self-reported figures in the glowing reviews. There has yet to be a study of the breast enhancement ringtone under controlled conditions.

Many scientists believe that Dr. Tomacechi’s reasoning is flawed. While nursing mothers experience a surge of milk into the breast in response to a baby’s cry, this does not significantly impact their breast size. In addition, the increase in breast size associated with nursing happens gradually throughout the pregnancy in response to changes in hormone levels. Science has not found any conclusive evidence that the sound of a baby’s cries – especially when disguised within a ringtone – can stimulate an increase in breast size.

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