Breast slapping may be a virtually unknown practice in the West, but has been used for centuries in Thailand as a way to increase breast size. The procedure is done by a natural health practitioner who repeatedly slaps the breast with the palm of his or her hand.

Breast slapping may sound bizarre but it boasts a high success rate. This treatment claims to not only increase bust size but also tone and firm the entire chest. One of its modern appeals is the fact that it’s non-invasive, especially when compared to breast enhancement surgery.

A Beauty Method Like No Other

If it’s so effective, why is breast slapping not more famous? Breast slapping is an ancient treatment that has been used for centuries. It is only coming to light now, perhaps because people in the past were believed to have been less concerned about bodily issues compared to the present.

It is thought that the repeated slapping motion shifts body fat to the desired area, increasing the size and firmness of the bust. This theory has been dismissed by some in scientific circles, but breast slapping certainly has its share of distinguished Supporters. The Thai Health Ministry has even endorsed the treatment as one of the most viable alternatives to surgical breast augmentation.

What the Treatment Entails

Although the treatment seems phenomenal, not all women are allowed to undergo breast slapping since one of its most important requirements is having enough body fat to produce results. If you don’t have enough body fat to meet these standards, it is highly likely that you will be refused.

Furthermore, the treatment is also accompanied by a moderate level of discomfort. After all, being repeatedly slapped is painful. Despite the fleeting soreness you’ll experience, the stinging tenderness is mostly manageable.

Other Non-Surgical Methods Of Breast Enhancement

With fast results in a few minutes at most, it is no wonder breast slapping has become a sought-after treatment for many Thai women looking for feasible options that are both safe and non-invasive. Overall, its potential is quite promising not just because of its novelty, but also for its potential for breast enhancement without the need for surgery.

There are other methods of breast enhancement that don’t involve surgery- the best natural breast enhancement methods involve naturally-based pills or topical creams or gels. We’ve reviewed and ranked the top products available on today’s market.