In the Western world, large breasts are heavily toted as a prized commodity. Thousands of women undergo procedures to enhance the size and shape of their breasts, hoping for a look that appears more voluptuous and traditionally feminine. However, all women should realize that the size of their breasts does not necessarily decree status or even beauty. Smaller breasts are just as beautiful as larger sizes, and depending on the woman’s frame, may suit her much more. It’s important for women to embrace their natural body shape instead of chasing an image that may be impossible to achieve.

However, we only live once, and it’s perhaps our sovereign right to pursue any look we desire. With that said, there are many avenues a woman can seek that will improve the appearance of breasts and hopefully instill a lasting foundation of self-confidence.

Problems with Very Small Breasts

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with small breasts, many women feel discouraged by assets that seem exceedingly small. Due to the prevalence of our breast worshiping society, the appearance of a flat chest can diminish a young woman’s feminine identity. Women who’ve gotten a mastectomy may feel in a similar manner, and find it difficult to shop for clothes that bring out curves.

The truth is that small or even non-existent breasts are nothing to feel ashamed of, and the media’s objectification of women and gender stereotypes is only an illusion that shouldn’t be subscribed to. For the woman who’s unsatisfied with her breast size and the way she looks in clothes, there are ways to create illusions of a larger chest without actually resorting to breast enhancement aids. For example, one of the best ways to accentuate the chest is with a blouse that has a peplum or some other detailing. Ribbons, lace, collars, jewelry and pockets are all ways to put emphasis on the breasts, and a cinched in waist will only heighten the illusion.

Options for Enhancing Small Breasts

Non-Invasive Options

The push-up bra is probably the most simple and non-invasive method of breast enhancement. A padded bra that lifts and presses the breasts together creates the appearance of larger, perkier girls. However, it’s obviously not a permanent solution and many women seek a more lasting and authentic result.

Before investing in an invasive and costly cosmetic procedure, there are homeopathic aids that one may consider. Topical formulas and pills feature ingredients naturally derived from plants that mimic the feminine hormones estrogen and progesterone. These products can yield results similar to what you may experience during or before your menstrual cycle, when the breasts often swell and retain fluid.

Of course, such products won’t have the same effect on everyone, as all bodies metabolize chemicals differently. Allergic reactions and side effects are also possible, so it’s always a good idea to convene with your doctor before embarking on a regular regime, especially if you think you may become pregnant.

Invasive Options

When it comes to surgery there are various options to consider. The first thing you want to do is make sure you find a reputable doctor. Do your homework and find the cosmetic surgeon that will get you the best results for the best price.

Your breast augmentation can either involve an implant that’s inserted under the muscles or above the muscle. For larger women with more fat tissue, an implant above the muscle may work fine. For very small breasted women who want a truly seamless and more natural effect, implants below the muscle will yield the greatest results.

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