Passion Flower is an herb and flower which grows on a vine and is commonly found in the southeastern United States, Argentina, and Brazil. It is also used as a sedative for individuals suffering from nervous disorders, restlessness and for those who have general difficulties in falling asleep. Passion flower has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of stomach pain and spasms.

Passion Flower is an herbal treatment, and therefore non habit forming, making it safe for both short and long term use. It produces a sweet and sour fruit known as the passion fruit which is widely grown in South America, Eastern and Southern Africa, South Asia, and in the United States. The fruit is high in vitamins A and C, dietary fiber and iron.

Passion flower was first discovered by the Spanish while exploring Peru. Its name was derived from the idea that the flower was a symbol of Christ’s passion and that it was an indication of His approval of their exploration. The various parts of the flower are explained as symbols referring to the passion of Jesus Christ, such as the crown of thorns being symbolized by the hair like filaments numbering in the hundreds on each flower.

It is a common component that is added to mixes of herbs which are used to produce a relaxing effect in an individual. You can be comfortable using a breast enhancement herb like Passion Flower, knowing all of the positive benefits it brings.

Benefits of Passion Flower

Using passion flower has many benefits and is most often used as an aid in relaxation and stress relief.

It is non-habit forming, has been used for centuries and has, in recent years, been studied quite thoroughly which has established its reputation as a safe effective herb when used standalone as well as in various herbal combinations.

Reduces Anxiety

Passion flower has been shown to reduce central nervous problems and symptoms that come along with them such as stress, rapid heart beat and high blood pressure. It is one of the best herbs used to treat anxiety. It creates a calming, mildly sedative effect which uplifts ones mood and calms the body.

Muscle Relaxant

There have been scientific studies performed on passion flower dating back to the 1930’s which have found it helps to induce relaxation which leads to a deep sleep, and nearly eliminates insomnia. Its mechanism of action, however, is very different than prescription sleep medicines, so an individual does not have to worry about an artificially induced sleep or waking up with a drugged feeling.

While passion flower is most often used in relation to the above mentioned conditions, it has a wide range of positive effects. It is also often used as a treatment for insomnia, with research showing a significant increase in the quality of sleep of those who were given passion flower over those who were given placebo.

Passion flower can help increase ones libido and can help increase desire and attraction towards the opposite sex in those who are lacking such emotions.

Side Effects of Passion Flower

Although passion flower is a natural substance, as with most herbal remedies if taken in excessively large doses, there can be possible negative effects including dizziness and drowsiness.

Are you Pregnant or Breast Feeding?

If you are currently breastfeeding or pregnant, you should not use passion flower as a treatment for anxiety as there are chemicals within the flower which cause the uterus to contract. There have not been enough scientific studies done regarding the safety of using passion flower while breastfeeding, so it is best to avoid it completely while nursing.

Are you Diabetic?

Those with diabetes should be cautious while using passion flower, as studies have shown that it produces hypoglycemic effects and can cause changes in the effects of anti-diabetic medication.

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