Dong Quai has thousands of years of popular use as a tonic herb throughout China, Korea and Japan. Dubbed the “female ginseng” because of its special association with women’s health, the root of this breast enhancement herb has the ability to harmonize the menstrual cycle and alleviate pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms as well as pain from cramps and spasms.

Dong Quai can balance hormonal disorders of both sexes that lead to infertility, insomnia and high stress. This herb is useful to improve circulation, build the blood, rejuvenate the vital energy, enhance fertility, increase libido and enrich the liver. Dong Quai is also specific for relieving fatigue, headaches and constipation.

Benefits of Dong Quai Root

Bigger Breasts

Research has indicated that imbalanced hormone levels are the reason for underdeveloped breasts. The root of Dong Quai contains naturally occurring phyto-estrogens which can balance certain hormonal disorders and promote growth in the breast tissue. By elevating the estrogen levels in the body, glandular activity heightens and fluid retention increases volume of the bosom. The phyto-estrogens encourage the hormone-sensitive mammary tissue to grow and increase the voluptuousness of the breasts.

By using specially designed formulas, Dong Quai, in combination with other breast-enhancing herbs, guarantees great appearance and buoyancy of the bust.

Improved Circulation

Dong Quai increases circulation and builds the blood. It dilates the peripheral blood vessels and relaxes tension for the smooth flow of blood. It is high in vitamins B12 and E, and rich in minerals such as biotin and iron. It increases the red blood cell count and exhibits antioxidant effects.

Dong Quai can restore normal blood pressure levels, rejuvenate deficiencies and detoxify the blood of toxins. It thins the blood, warms the body, lowers high blood pressure, relieves arthritis, nourishes the skin and may even prevent balding.

Side Effects of Dong Quai

There are precautions when considering an herbal supplement containing Dong Quai. Always seek counsel with a health care professional if there are any doubts or concerns about using products containing Dong Quai for breast enhancement.

Are you Pregnant or Breast Feeding?

Dong Quai’s stimulating, relaxing and anticoagulant effects on the uterus are too dangerous to use during pregnancy. Likewise, nursing mothers should avoid its use because of the lack of information on its safety.

Are you Diabetic?

Dong Quai has been shown to affect blood sugar levels. If you are diabetic or hypoglycemic, use caution and monitor your blood sugar levels closely when taking supplements with Dong Quai.

Breast Enhancement Products with Dong Quai

There is a safe, natural and non-invasive way to increase the volume of your breasts while maintaining the measure in your wallet – These specially designed formulas offer inexpensive and worry-free effectiveness without the pain or intrusiveness of breast surgery.

Not only do these products contribute to the size of the bust, they help maintain the appearance of the bosom. Many of the common “breast problems,” like sagging or drooping, can be gently fixed by some of our most trusted products.

Whats more, some popular products offer a money back guarantee, so it can never hurt to try. You may see the product working right under your nose after only a couple of weeks.

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