Most women can’t sit at a dinner table with their friends without identifying at least one person who wants to – or is actively trying to – shed a few pounds. Losing weight is a great way to improve your health and overall quality of life, but also carries both positive and negative effects that you may not expect but will have to address. For example, you may have to deal with the fact that your hips, buttocks, and breasts – places where most people can agree that decreasing body mass would be a bad thing on a woman’s body – might get smaller if you lose a significant amount of weight.

What are the chances of my  breasts shrinking due to weight loss?

Unfortunately, this is difficult to estimate the exact relationship between breasts and weight loss. Most women experience proportional weight gain across their entire body; some women, however, have specific genes which can change the way this process works. Certain women are more likely to gain weight in their thighs or on their belly, while a few lucky women will gain weight in their breasts. When someone tries to lose weight, their genetics will play an important role in how the body will be shaped once you reach your goals.

Measuring Results of Weight LossYou can look at older family members to predict how your genetics may affect your ability to lose weight. Do you have several female members of your family with large breasts? Or are they more flat-chested? Odds are high that your body will behave in a similar way. Also, unlike some parts of the body, the breasts are not composed of just fat tissue; they also include several types of tissue which cannot be lost through exercise or dieting. Therefore, your breasts will retain some level of volume no matter how much weight you lose. This is good news for some women, especially those who want to lose a drastic amount of weight without sacrificing their curvy figure.

Keep in mind that the speed and method by which you lose weight will also impact which sections of your body will lose weight and what the rate of weight loss will be. If you try to drop several pounds by going on a crash diet, your body will likely hoard fat in the abdomen and lose fat from the places where you’d prefer to keep it, like your butt and your breasts. But a slow and steady weight loss regimen will ensure that your body doesn’t go into starvation mode; this will help you burn fat evenly across all the sections of your body and minimize breast shrinkage.

Is there anything I can do to lose weight and keep my bust size where it is?

Many women who want to control their breast size might think about turning to breast implants. This may seem like a good idea, but the initial cost of surgery is immense and the majority of women seeking weight loss  may not have the financial means to afford it. In addition, many women forget to factor in  costs like lost wages and follow-up visits, which can further complicate their lives. There can also be complications from the surgery. Not to mention, if you get implants before you lose weight, your bust line may still shrink.

Most women would prefer a non-invasive solution to their weight loss problem. There are several products on the market that promise to increase the size of your chest without invasive surgery, ranging from push-up bras to pumps and everything in between.

If you want to prevent potential breast loss while losing weight, you might want to consider breast enlargement pills or creams. The best supplements are made from natural ingredients that are good for your body, affordable and simple to use. Check out our Product Reviews and find out which products can help you attain your new figure.