Breast augmentation surgery is a very popular procedure in which women opt to have bags full of either silicone or a saline solution implanted into their chest for the purpose of firming and enlarging their bust. But for a minority of women, these procedures are addictive. They will go back and forth to the plastic surgeon multiple times in an attempt to increase their bust size.

So who has the largest pair of surgically-inflated knockers out there? Well, there are several well-known contenders:

Chelsea Charms

As of this writing, Chelsea Charms currently holds the global record for the world’s largest breast implants. Her reported size, a comically exaggerated 181XXX-cup, doesn’t exactly illustrate her true size in an accurate manner. To get a better understanding, consider the fact that the average-sized implant is around 300 cc…whereas Ms. Charms is estimated to have a grand total of 15,000 cc of fluid in her chest. So if you do the math, that means each breast is around 250 times larger than your average augmented boob.

Ms. Charms achieved this look through a special kind of implant called a “silly string” implant, or a polypropylene string implant. The special material in these implants irritates the breast tissue, causes them to swell with fluid, and eventually that fluid is absorbed into the implant. Without regular doctor visits, these implants continue to swell and grow, usually unevenly and with serious medical complications. In many parts of the US and the EU, these implants have been legally banned in recent years for obvious safety reasons.

Lacey Wildd

Ms. Wildd is a Miami mother and model who has ambitious plans to overtake the world record for world’s largest breasts in 2013. Currently, her augmented breasts are so large that doctors have had to construct and implant an internal support “bra” made from a mix of grafts of her own muscle extracted from other parts of her body, and pigskin.

Despite the fact that her family has publicly gone on record and stated that they are ashamed of her and her ambitious goals, she insists that the surgeries will give her a more lucrative modeling career, thereby ensuring a financially secure future for her children.

Sheyla Hershey

This Brazilian model made headlines back in 2010 when she managed to increase her overall bust size to an almost offensively large 38KKK (offensive in more ways than one, as many reporters were quick to point out). She had to fly back to her homeland of Brazil in order to have the procedure done, because she was living in Texas at the time and state laws prohibited surgeons from injecting such massive quantities of silicone into the human body.

Unfortunately for Ms. Hershey, there were medical complications post-op, including severe pain and a nasty infection, forcing her to have them removed. It is interesting to note that, unlike many of the women featured in this article, Sheyla Hershey has never been involved in the adult entertainment industry.

Maxi Mounds

Speaking of porn stars, Maxi Mounds is probably one of the best known adult entertainers who also sports a record-breaking rack. As a matter of fact, The Guinness Book of World Records created the “largest augmented breasts” category just for her back in 2003. At the time, she was measured as having a 42M bra size. Like Chelsea Charms, Ms. Mounds has also had the “silly string” implant procedure performed on her chest. As of this writing, each breast is rumored to weigh at least 20 pounds or more.

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